Bootstrap then Raise - with Besnik Vrellaku

Tzakhi in a conversation with Besnik Vrellaku, serial entrepreneur and investor. Besnik is the founder and CEO of SalesFlow, a sales engagement platform for multi-channel sales automation, which he bootstrapped and scaled to become one of the market leaders. He shared a thoughtful and honest account of his journey and learnings, including his thoughts about bootstrapping, and the right time to raise capital for a SaaS startup. 


00:00 Introduction and Background
04:52 Solving a Problem for Yourself
07:24 Kicking Off Sales Flow and Commercialization
11:14 Considerations for Raising Capital
15:12 Timing and Strategy for Fundraising
20:57 Future Growth and Market Focus
25:22 Tips for Founders
35:26 Conclusion and Call to Action