How to get it right on your first meeting with an investor - with Anabel Maldonado

Tzakhi in a conversation with Anabel Maldonado, the CEO and founder of Psykhe AI, a personalization engine that uses machine learning, deep learning, and psychology to create a hyper-personalized experience for users in the retail industry.
Anabel shares her story of how her unique background led her to found Psykhe AI, as well as insights and practical advice from raising over a million USD in a tough market. Anabel highlights that the best way to succeed in raising capital is to build a great company. But then there's more. 


00:00 Introduction and Background
02:29 Unique Differentiator and Founder Market Fit
05:35 Personalization in Retail
07:30 Raising Capital
08:28 Preparing for Investor Meetings
13:00 Assessing Investors
18:11 Closing Meetings
23:00 Keeping Investors Updated
23:30 Keeping in touch with potential investors