Navigating tough decisions as a startup founder - with Mark Achler

Tzakhi Freedman's conversation with Mark AchlerMark is a general partner in Chicago-based Math Ventures, an exited founder, a best-selling author, and a startup mentor, currently teaching at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern. He’s seen hundreds of startup journeys up close and shared some of his advice on how to go through the hard parts.


00:00 Introduction and Background
05:14 The Importance of Making Difficult Decisions
09:04 Being Open and Transparent with Investors
12:06 Personal Accountability and Responsibility
17:17 Guiding Principles and Values in Decision-Making
19:43 Building a Culture of Trust with Board and Investors
23:16 The Role of Personal Accountability in Building Trust
26:56 Balancing Reality Check and Belief in Entrepreneurship
29:16 The Impact of Entrepreneurial Decisions on Family
31:25 Empowering Founders to Make Confident Decisions