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Christine Outram

CEO of ed-tech startup Everydae, and a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, who raised millions of USD. She specializes in systematizing your growth through sales and raising capital.

Listen to Christine on the Meet.Capital Startup Podcast. 

Meet Christine for a 45-minute session on:
  • Your growth strategy
  • Setting up your first growth funnel
  • Customer acquisition 
  • How to 5X website conversions 
  • Building a B2B sales team
  • Securing capital with a proven playbook
  • Raising equity crowdfunding
  • Exits / exit strategy
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Moti Elkaim at Meet.Capital

Moti Elkaim 

Founder at Atlantic Brands, an agency that specializes in investor pitch decks, public speaking workshops and fractional CMO services
. Helped some of the top startups in Israel and NYC raise millions from VCs.  

Listen to Moti on the Meet.Capital Startup Podcast. 

Meet Moti for a 45-minute session on:
  • Telling your startup's story.

  •  Preparing to speak about your startup at an event. 

  • Growth marketing. 

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Ivan Hoo

Ex-CFO of SaaS, E-Commerce, and Marketplaces Startups. With a proven track record of assisting over 60 startups in securing upwards of £30 million in funding from investors such as IQ Capital, Founders Factory, and Haatch Ventures.

Listen to Ivan on the Meet.Capital Startup Podcast. 

Meet Ivan for a 45-minute session on:
  • Financial Modelling & Planning
  • Investment documents review 
  • Cap table preparation and modelling
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Due Diligence Preparation
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Tzakhi Freedman

Founder of Meet.Capital. Helped raise millions of USD for early-stage startups and VC funds, from angels, VCs, and family offices. 

Meet Tzakhi for a 45-minute session on:
  • A review of your pitch deck.

  • Online presence/LinkedIn profile.

  • Organic LinkedIn growth.

  •  Founder wellbeing and motivation.

  • General consultation / business strategy. 

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