The top 4 LinkedIn automation tools for startups seeking investors

May 27, 2024

LinkedIn is more than just a platform for professional networking; it has become an essential tool for startups looking to connect with potential investors or for companies focused on lead generation.  

However, as you grow, you may find it increasingly challenging to manually manage your LinkedIn activities. This is where LinkedIn automation tools come into play. While they offer a range of conveniences and capabilities, it’s crucial to use them responsibly and judiciously. 

For most startups, there’s no immediate need to automate LinkedIn activities when you’re just starting to reach out to investors. Automation becomes more relevant when you have a larger network and more considerable outreach activities that need scaling.


LinkedIn automation tools can streamline the process of reaching out to potential investors or generating leads. You can automate various activities, including connection requests, follow-ups, and even sharing content. This way, founders can focus more on building actual relationships rather than getting bogged down by repetitive tasks.

Of course, automation doesn’t mean you should blast generic messages to a large audience. It’s crucial to research each LinkedIn profile thoroughly before making any outreach. Personalization is still key to establishing meaningful connections.

That being said, LinkedIn automation tools can be categorized into three types:

Browser-based: Operates as an extension on the web browser.

Downloadable software: Requires the installation of software on one’s computer or laptop.

Cloud-based: Runs on an external server.

Among these, cloud-based automation tools are generally considered the safest. They don’t rely on your computer or browser to operate, reducing the risk of being detected by LinkedIn’s algorithms. Cloud-based tools often employ more advanced safety measures to mimic human behavior, ensuring your account stays under the radar.

Another advantage of using cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools is the ability to allow multiple team members to access the same LinkedIn account from a single IP address. This feature is especially useful for larger teams that need to collaborate on networking or lead-generation campaigns.

Besides automation, these tools offer features for tagging contacts and keeping track of your LinkedIn activities. You can easily segment your connections and monitor how your outreach efforts are performing, all from a centralized dashboard.

 Here are the top 4 LinkedIn automation tools we know up close. 


Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool focused not only on mass outreach but also on providing a sense of authenticity. Each Expandi account is given a country-specific IP address, potentially adding a layer of trustworthiness.

This tool incorporates random delays in sending messages to replicate genuine human interactions. Its cloud-based design ensures continuous operation without the need for a user’s device to remain active.

Expandi allows for up to 100 daily connection requests and messages, with a feature to automatically retract unanswered invites. Integrated with tools like Sales Navigator, it provides precise targeting for outreach. 

Another notable Expandi feature is its focus on personalization, offering tailored sequences for varied connections and integrating dynamic elements and visuals. Additionally, Expandi offers features like a combined inbox for LinkedIn and email and real-time analytics.

SalesFlow offers a comprehensive set of tools to simplify and enhance the lead generation process for businesses. Its features allow users to handle tasks, from initial outreach to follow-up scheduling, with consistency and efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with a variety of CRM tools, Sales Flow facilitates the smooth transfer of lead data. 

The platform allows users to send 400 invitations monthly. Furthermore, it supports the creation of follow-up message sequences, accommodating up to 2,000 messages each month. Additionally, users can send out up to 800 Open InMails within the same period. It also has an integrated email solution, and allows for outbound campaigns that combine LinkedIn and email outreach. 

With built-in analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into campaign performance and fine-tune their strategies. Moreover, SalesFlow comes with adaptable outreach templates suitable for different industries, and its advanced filtering options ensure connections with the most pertinent leads. 

* Check out our conversation with Besnik Vrellaku, the CEO and founder of SalesFlow, at the Meet.Capital Startup Podcast.


The Zopto platform integrates both LinkedIn and Email, allowing users to manage up to 5,000 email contacts monthly. On the operational side, it has the capacity for 100 emails, 100 InMails, 45 profile invitations, 100 bulk invites, and 200 group or event messages daily. 

It provides multi-user and agency accounts, allowing for centralized management of all users from a single location. Recognizing the global nature of business, it incorporates a time zone detection tool to ensure messages are dispatched at times most likely to align with a prospect’s office hours. 

Zopto offers real-time reporting, enabling users to monitor campaign metrics and adjust strategies based on the data. Given the importance of LinkedIn in professional networking, Zopto has implemented safety protocols and measures to ensure that outreach activities align with the platform’s standards.


Dripify is a LinkedIn automation tool tailored to enhance lead generation on the platform. Its features enable users to build sales funnels through various LinkedIn actions for systematic engagement with potential leads. 

Users can also gather lead data, such as email addresses and phone numbers, to make follow-up communications more thorough. Dripify offers tools for monitoring campaign results, gauging conversion rates, and assessing the effectiveness of selected tactics. 

It also comes equipped with features that allow for timely responses to messages from potential investors and the integration and management of team members directly from its dashboard.

Additionally, Dripify’s cloud-based automation ensures continuous lead generation and deal closures on LinkedIn, even with the user’s device powered down. Finally, Dripify allows users to send over 500 connection requests weekly without compromising the security of their LinkedIn account.

Which Automation Tool to Choose?

Now that we compared these four automation tools, the question remains: which one to choose? It is worth noting that these tools are relatively similar when it comes to what they offer, but there are still some minor differences between them.

For example, Zopto and Expandi allow users to send more connection requests and messages than the other two tools. On the other side, Dripify seems to be the most affordable option. In the end, the best choice depends on your individual needs and outreach strategy. 

Are LinkedIn automation tools safe?

It’s essential to remember that using automation tools violates LinkedIn’s User Agreement. There’s always a risk of your account being restricted or banned. Therefore, if you choose to go down this path, make sure to use these tools cautiously and responsibly.

Additionally, excessive use of automation tools could flag your account, which could lead to restrictions or even a ban. Keep your activities reasonable and human-like to minimize risks.

Using multiple automation tools at once or manually engaging with your LinkedIn account while automation is running can lead to inconsistencies that might raise red flags. Stick to one reliable tool and avoid manual interactions during automation cycles.


LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for startups, facilitating connections with potential investors and aiding lead generation. As startups expand, managing LinkedIn tasks can get overwhelming, making automation tools an appealing solution. 

While they offer efficiency in tasks such as content sharing and connection requests, the importance of genuine, personalized interactions shouldn’t be understated. Among the many tools available, we covered Expandi, SalesFlow, Zopto, and Dripify and the features that they offer.

However, it’s crucial to use these tools wisely, always considering LinkedIn’s guidelines. When used responsibly, these tools can optimize a startup’s LinkedIn operations, balancing efficiency with authentic engagement.

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