Momentum and systems when raising startup capital

Feb 20, 2024

To succeed in raising capital for your startup, you’ll need to be systematic and strategic. In many ways, the process of fundraising resembles the sales process. This is what helped Jamie Johnston build traction and raise capital from top leaders in his industry. Jamie is the CEO and co-founder of Mattr.Social, an innovative dating app that cares for the mental well-being of its users. We had the privilege of speaking with him on the Meet.Capital Startup podcast, where he shared the process and stages that worked for him. Here goes:

1. Validate Your Idea

The first and arguably most crucial step in your journey is to validate your startup idea. This involves conducting thorough market research, understanding your target audience, and confirming there's a demand for your solution. Validation can come from customer feedback, prototype testing, or market analysis, proving that your concept has the legs to succeed in a competitive landscape. 

2. Win Industry Leaders

Securing the endorsement or backing of respected industry leaders can significantly elevate your startup's credibility. Identify and engage with veterans in your sector who share an affinity for your mission or product. Their support can serve as a powerful testament to your startup's potential, opening doors to their networks and beyond.

3. Use Your Network to meet investors

Your existing personal and professional networks are invaluable assets. Leverage your contacts for introductions to potential investors, advice, and insights into the fundraising process. The strength of your relationships can often be the bridge to the next opportunity, making every connection a potential catalyst for growth.

4. Go beyond your network with cold outreach to qualified investors

While leveraging your network is crucial, expanding it through cold outreach is equally important. Craft personalized, compelling pitches to potential investors who might not be in your immediate circle but have a history of investing in similar ventures. Research and a tailored approach can turn a cold email into a warm lead.

5. Embrace Sales Fundamentals

Approach the fundraising process as you would a sales process.This doens’t mean being salesy, or pressuring investors in any way. What it means is developing a clear value proposition, understanding the needs and interests of your investors, and effectively communicating how your startup meets those needs. Persistence, follow-up, and the ability to handle rejection are all key sales fundamentals that apply to the fundraising process.

6. Communication and Follow-Up

Effective communication doesn’t end with the pitch; it’s vital throughout the fundraising process. Regular updates to potential and current investors keep them engaged and informed about your progress. Consistent follow-up ensures you stay on their radar and demonstrates your commitment to the relationship and your startup's success.

7. Build Momentum

Building momentum is critical in the journey to secure funding. This involves showcasing continuous progress, whether it's through product development, user acquisition, strategic partnerships, and of course, capital raised. Each milestone achieved and shared with potential investors acts as evidence of your startup's growth trajectory and potential for success. Momentum creates a sense of urgency among investors, making your startup a more attractive investment opportunity. 

8. Through it all: Prioritize Your Well-Being

Lastly, the intensity of raising capital can take a toll on even the most resilient founders. It’s essential to prioritize your mental and physical well-being. Regular exercise, adequate rest, and mindfulness practices can help maintain your health and improve your decision-making and endurance throughout this challenging process.


By following these eight steps, startups can approach the fundraising process with confidence and clarity. From validating your idea to prioritizing your well-being, each stage is designed to optimize your appeal to investors while fostering a sustainable path to success.

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