How to get it right on your first meeting with a startup investor

Jan 30, 2024

In a recent episode of the Meet.Capitol startup podcast, Anabel Maldonado, the founder of Psykhe AI. Her unique blend of expertise in neuropsychology and luxury e-commerce has shaped her approach to innovating in the tech startup space and contributed to her success in facing the challenges of raising capital even in tough market conditions. Here are some of her insights and learning on navigating the complexities of engaging with investors and securing funding in today's competitive market: 

1. Founder's Conviction and Energy: 

It's not just about the business plan or the numbers; investors are looking for confidence, belief in the project, and a sense of inevitability in the founder's presentation.

2. Authenticity in Pitching:
Be genuine and authentic, avoiding sales techniques. This authenticity can build trust quickly and is often more convincing than rehearsed sales pitches.

3. Managing Your Psychology: 

As per Ben Horowitz's advice, managing your psychology is crucial. Founders need to ensure they are in the right mindset before meetings. This involves not scheduling meetings back-to-back and taking time to recover and maintain high energy levels.

4. Personal Preparation for Meetings: 

Preparing for meetings with investors goes beyond researching and understanding the investor's background. It includes managing one's mental and emotional state, and ensuring a positive and confident demeanor. 

5. Balancing Convincing and Assessing: 

During the meetings, it's important to balance the act of convincing investors about your startup and assessing whether the investor is a right fit for your company. Both processes happen simultaneously.

6. Clear and Regular Communication Post-Investment: 

Keeping investors updated regularly is crucial for maintaining good relationships. This involves sharing both wins and challenges, making the investors feel involved and informed about the company's progress.

7. Expanding Network through Updates: 

Regular updates to interested parties, including those who haven't invested yet, can lead to future investments. Keeping a wide network informed about your progress can create new opportunities and strengthen existing relationships.

8. Building a Great Company First: 

Lastly, the easiest way to win fundraising, as per Sam Altman, is to build a great company. If the startup is strong and the founder believes in it, this confidence and strength will naturally come across to investors.


In essence, for startup founders looking to raise capital, focusing on inner conviction, authenticity, emotional preparation, strategic communication, and building a strong, believable company are key. These insights from Anabel Maldonado's experience can guide founders through the challenging but rewarding process of fundraising.

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