Finding your startup's brand identity

May 16, 2024

Giving your company a full identity, like a personality, brings clarity to communications with clients, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. It creates a deep, consistent alignment in how you present yourself, and adds conviction and clarity. 

Arie Elbelman is an expert on brand identity. He is the owner of Leon Marketing and a professor at LCI Barcelona. He was our guest on The Meet.Capital Startup Podcast, where he shared his 5 tips for startup founders: 

1. Human Connections Before Anything Else

Always remember that on the other side of the screen is a human being with feelings. It's essential to connect emotionally with your audience, recognizing that you are communicating with people, not machines

2. Narrative Intersection:

Build a story that aligns your brand's personality and core values with the expectations and life perspectives of your audience and stakeholders. This alignment helps in raising meaningful capital and connecting with the right people.

3. Strictly Honest Communication

Always be honest in your communications, it will make everything easier over time. Truthfulness in branding builds trust and authenticity. However, ensure your message is delivered pleasantly and respectfully.

4. Create Emotional Engagement

Decisions are often made on an emotional basis, even in B2B environments. Brands should strive to connect emotionally, addressing something meaningful and important to the decision-makers on the other side.

5. Never Forget to Utilize Data

Use data to measure the effectiveness of your brand strategy. Even in creative fields like branding and marketing, it's crucial to track results with data to ensure the strategies are effective and to make necessary adjustments.

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