Build something you care about - with Jason Mackey

Jun 05, 2024

Success in any startup will come after years of hard work and dedication. Getting investors to believe in your vision and back you on your journey will depend on them believing that you have the drive and dedication to make that effort and do what it takes. To have that kind of drive and perseverance you need to build something you really care about. 

This is just one of the tips from Jason Mackey, general partner at Athenian VC, on the Meet.Capital Startup Podcast

Jason shared his thoughts on where the startup and VC world are headed in light of the AI revolution. He also gave a very clear overview of how VCs operate, what considerations they tend to have when considering an investment, and the cycles they go through. 

Here are Jason’s 5 tips for startup success: 

1. Be Authentic: Be genuine and true to yourself. Investors want to see the real you, so authenticity is imperative to building trust and rapport.

2. Be Patient: Understand that success won't happen overnight. Building a company takes time and effort, often more than anticipated. Stick with it and remain persistent.

3. Be Knowledgeable: Know your stuff. Be an expert in your field, and ensure you can confidently discuss your product, company, and industry fluently and articulately.

4. Embrace Diversity: Listen to diverse perspectives. Having varied voices and opinions will help vet your product and idea, leading to a more successful company.

5. Build Something You Care About: Work on projects you're passionate about. Genuine interest in your problem and technology will come through in your work, making it more authentic and compelling.

Listen to the whole conversation on our podcast, or watch it on YouTube

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