Be honest with yourself to succeed as a startup founder - with Yaakov Karda

Yaakov Karda is an entrepreneur and startup mentor founder whose journey started with a painful crash and turned into an inspiring success. Since he sold his last company he now helps startup founders build successful businesses, at
He spoke with Tzakhi Freedman about celebrated innovation vs innovation under the hood, validating ideas, competition, and other topics. Yaakov also shared his 5 tips for startup success. 


00:00 Introduction and Overview of Yaakov's Entrepreneurial Journey
02:32 The Mistake of Not Validating Business Assumptions
04:39 Choosing Between Celebrated Innovation and Operational Innovation
06:24 Examples of Doing It Wrong and Doing It Right
09:40 Building a Startup in a Competitive Market
13:15 Marketing Techniques and Cold Outreach
20:34 Operational Innovation at a Smaller Company
24:08 Tips for Startup Founders