A Startup Founder's Guide to Mental Wellbeing - with Charlie Lass

A conversation with Charlie Lass, the founder of Humble.Inc. Charlie has been a lifelong entrepreneur and exited three of his ventures before starting Humble, a community and information hub for startup founders that prioritizes founders’ mental well-being. He gave us some of his best advice for startup founders on maintaining their mental and emotional well-being as they navigate their way to success. 


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:14 The Importance of Founder Well-being
04:35 The Role of the Founder
06:08 Delegating and Letting Go
07:49 The Changing Conversation around Burnout
09:19 Entrepreneurs and Mental Health Challenges
10:17 Different Models of Entrepreneurship
11:27 The Challenges of Co-Founderships
12:28 The Importance of Clear Roles and Accountability
13:28 The Need for Founder Support and Community
19:32 Handling Pressure and Unexpected Events
22:50 The Impact of Social Media and the Importance of Authenticity
25:24 Supporting Founder Well-being through Humble
27:07 Where to Find Charlie and Humble
29:57 Embracing the Process and Finding Satisfaction
30:25 Closing Remarks