The power of storytelling on your startup’s journey - with Robbie Crabtree

Tzakhi Freedman in a conversation with Robbie Crabtree, the co-founder of Potential AI

Robbie has been helping numerous startups and CEO tell their story to investors, and his clients have raised a total of more than $670M after working with him. We spoke about how startups should tell their story to investors and other stakeholders, and how this story evolves the startup's journey.


00:00 Introduction and Background
03:09 The Basic Framework: Founder Origin Story and Startup Vision Story
05:09 Evolution of the Story as the Startup Grows
08:12 Adjusting the Story for Different Audiences
13:20 The Importance of the Origin Story
16:14 Storytelling for Different Personas and Audiences
21:59 The Evolution of the Origin Story
25:41 Finding the Origin Story
28:24 Guiding Founders in Discovering Their Origin Story
34:23 The Importance of Authenticity in the Origin Story