Growing a Twitter Following to Attract Investors

Mar 19, 2024

Investors are always on the lookout for promising ventures and founders who are outspoken, have a vision they share and promote, and take action to make it a reality. When they see your progress, learning moments, and milestones being shared in real time, it reassures them of your commitment and potential for success. Moreover, in today's digital age, it's almost a given that investors will conduct online research about you and your startup before any formal meeting. A strong social media presence serves as your "online resume," strengthening your case right from the start.

One of the top experts on growing a Twitter following is Yannick Vey,  co-founder of Hypefury, a SaaS that helps grow engagement and follower counts on Twitter. We hosted him at the Meet.Capital Startup Podcast, where he gave me his playbook for growing a following on X to attract investors and scale your business. 

1. Build a targeted community 

Begin by identifying and following a mix of individuals: peers, friends in the industry, and key influencers within your space. This curated list should consist of individuals whose work or insights you value and who represent the broader community of your industry. Interacting with these selected profiles can lead to meaningful exchanges, increased visibility, and even potential collaborations. This foundational step ensures you're not just building a follower count, but a community that resonates with your startup's goals and values.

2. Engage Before You Amplify

If you are just starting out on social media or have a smaller follower base, the focus should initially be on engaging rather than posting. Comment on posts, share insights and initiate discussions daily with the people on your curated list. This approach helps in establishing your presence and ensures that when you do share content, you have an engaged audience ready to listen and interact with your posts. 

3. Craft Your Posts with Intent

Every post or tweet you share contributes to your online persona and brand. Think of your social media content as part of your online resume, showcasing your startup's mission, vision, and values. Share updates, thoughts, and insights that align closely with what you want your startup to be known for. This strategy ensures that your social media presence authentically represents your business and attracts the right kind of attention from investors and industry peers alike.

4. Share your journey 

Sharing your successes and learnings along your journey creates a compelling narrative. This openness not only humanizes your startup journey but also encourages engagement from those who want to learn from your experiences. Highlighting every step of your progress, big or small, invites your audience to be a part of your journey, fostering a stronger community around your brand.

5. Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

Sharing valuable professional content that enlightens, educates, or solves problems can establish you as an authority in your field. Whether it's through insightful articles, detailed guides, or engaging videos, consistently providing valuable content can solidify your reputation as an expert. This not only attracts followers but also builds trust and credibility with potential investors who see you as a knowledgeable leader in your niche.

6. Leverage Giveaways to Boost Engagement

Hosting giveaways or offering free resources, like guides or ebooks, is an effective way to attract new followers and encourage interaction. This strategy not only expands your reach but also demonstrates your willingness to provide value to your community. Engaging followers with these incentives encourages shares, comments, and likes, further amplifying your presence and reach on social media.


By incorporating these strategies into your social media routine, you can significantly enhance your visibility, establish your expertise, and attract the attention of potential investors. Remember, consistency and authenticity are key to building a strong online presence that reflects your startup's values and vision.


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